Jawaballs is finally accepting commission work!

If you got the moolah, but lack the time and want a beautiful army... Or if your time is simply money, and you would rather spend your hours doing something else with it... I understand... I'm your man! Let Jawaballs send you a breathtaking army, assembled and painted.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nova Open: Jawaballs will be in the house!

Great news! After some sweet talking to the wife, and paying her 100 bucks, plus having to cancel on Bolscon and a week of moping around the house like a kid who lost his Buzz Saw cassette. (Name the reference and I will be impressed!) I was able to get permission to go to the Nova Open!  This event is turning out to be a veritable "Who's Who" of the 40k Blogosphere with some big names showing up. I can't wait to meet up with other dudes at the Whiskey Challenge on Friday Night. I will be playing Old Shattered Hands and his Tau scum. Time to purge me some xenos! I will plant my Chapter Banner and claim the day! Be looking for some Jawaballs Live! if I can make it happen. 

Can't wait for a great weekend. Time to make up for some missed fun last week. :)


Ramping up the commission work.

Hey folks, It has been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to let you know that with September around the corner, I will be ramping up my commission work. Now is your time to get lined up to have Jawaballs do a job for you!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Commission finished! Black Templars Marshal in Terminator Armor

So a client purchased this model that was beautifully greenstuffed and one of a kind. Then he asked ME to paint it. It is a terminator model, with BT shoulder pad and green stuffed robes and sashes. He also had a GS shield and hammer with spikes and chains.

First thing I did was remove the chains. They were about his waste and dangling down one leg. They were cool except for the fact that they got in the damn way. Then I removed the head of the hammer. It was more of a mace, and looked inappropriate for a thunder hammer. I replaced it with a normal TH head. Finally, I pulled out the head. It was greenstuffed, and looked ok, but you could see that it was obviously flat on the back and had no ears. It looked silly. I replaced it with the bald head from a terminator box set.

So I primed black and went to work! TO make him stand out, I painted the shoulders red, and also the insides of the cloaks, ala, Sword Brethren from the codex. The rest was fairly simple. Robes, blakc highlighting, red crusader seals. I did my standard lightning effect and voila!

If you are looking for a commander painted for your army, I do them for about 100 bucks. I charged quite a bit more for this one because of the gentle touch needed for Greenstuff, the fact that it was already assembled, and the fact that I would be required to do a lot of modeling myself. I think he came out great and I know the buyer will be pleased!