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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Commission 001 Update 2

Here is a nice little update. I plan on putting up one every week. Since I just got the order in for the stuff, this one only includes what I had on hand. I am using two veteran models from the Space Marin Veteran box set as part of the "Conversion Budget". The customer wants his Sergeants to have power fists, so I ripped open a Command Squad to equip one of these guys.

The Vindicator so far was primed white, then painted red with a Citadel tank brush. Then I scumbled the edges with blazing orange, and highlighted the edges with fiery orange. Then I washed with Baal Red, then hit the red parts with Blood Red again, then scumbled with Blazing and edged with fiery again. Redundent I know, but the layering creates a beautiful glow when on a gaming table. The end should have some deep shadows that transition smoothly from dark to light. THis one already blows away the one I use sometimes in my army... :) Once the entire tank has been shaded and highlighted, I am going to do some weathering. I will hit some of the edges with metalic scrapes. The customer requested minimal hand painting, but I will do something expressive on the Dozer blade. My Blood Angels tend to be much more orange then the ones depicted on the GW site. But I personally feel that my style is very striking and reaches out and grabs the viewer. In the pictures that the customer chose from my models to represent the look he desires, He chose clean edged highlights and rich shading. The kind that really looks sharp on a nice gaming table! I will hopefully have some really good pics next week! Enjoy.


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  1. Looking very nice! Can't wait. Really appreciate the timely replies to all my questions/comments.