Jawaballs is finally accepting commission work!

If you got the moolah, but lack the time and want a beautiful army... Or if your time is simply money, and you would rather spend your hours doing something else with it... I understand... I'm your man! Let Jawaballs send you a breathtaking army, assembled and painted.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jawaballs' first Commission!

I will upload pictures of my first commission here, with permission of the customer. Since I just got started with this army, I only have a few pics to show. For my first commission, I accepted the task of painting 41 Blood Angels and two tanks, including Commander Dante. Since I happened to have this Vindicator and some marines on hand, I got started with them. Included with the price of the commission, each model will be posed on a Jawa-base! You will see a finished picture of one of the jawa-bases. I paint in stages of assembly, so you will see a marine legs and torso at a near state of completion. I just have to go pick out the details, then mount him on the base. The Vindi has been primed and base coated. The next step will be to add Blazing Orange scumbling on the edges, then wash with Baal Red. There you go! More to come.

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  1. Great! Good for you. If I was any good at painting, I would consider doing commission work. Mixing your hobby with making money.... priceless!