Jawaballs is finally accepting commission work!

If you got the moolah, but lack the time and want a beautiful army... Or if your time is simply money, and you would rather spend your hours doing something else with it... I understand... I'm your man! Let Jawaballs send you a breathtaking army, assembled and painted.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finished Dante Commission

Here is my most recent finished Dante commission! This paint job will cost you 85.00 plus the model. If you want you can buy your own Dante and send me the unassembled model. I assemble the model for you, pin the jump pack and weapon to the body, and pin the model to a free Jawa-base! 85.00 includes the cost of shipping the model to you. If I have to provide the model you will also have to pay that shipping cost. Costly yes, but I think the results are worth it!


  1. Nice blog, would you be interested in a link exchange with us by the way? :)

  2. Looks awsome nice job
    85 eh? better save up

  3. Hey blackhat, sorry I dont check this very often. I would be happy to add your link. Are you on my main blog?